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Subject: Access to Site

Posted by Branden Stanley on 12/29/2022 (13:50) Owner
That sounds good, Matt. I’ll provide that information ASAP.
Posted by Matt on 12/28/2022 (14:34) Sub-account
Hi Nik,

I think Branden can handle all of those elements. Branden, let me know if
you need anything else from me.


Posted by Nik Sternhagen on 12/28/2022 (13:40) Operator

Hi Matt,

Thanks for running through that! There are a few parts I'm still seeing as missing, which may be beyond your purview:
1. How many Emmys have been nominated and won that is listed on the home page (the quantities are still x's)
2. What year Rob founded Spirit Juice on the About page
3. More details about each of the projects chosen for each of the key project areas. We have the list of videos to highlight for each one, but not really any data about their success. Is that something you are tasked to give us or would that go back to Branden and the team?

Nik Sternhagen

Posted by Matt on 12/27/2022 (16:00) Sub-account
FYI, all the copy has been updated on the website. Thanks!
Posted by Matt on 12/21/2022 (18:42) Sub-account
Yep, I got all of that and will be putting in my edits tomorrow before end
of day. Thanks!
Posted by Nik Sternhagen on 12/20/2022 (15:24) Operator

Hey Matt,

One further update here; Branden mentioned you were also in the meetings with Spirit Juice about the site over the past week. We met with Branden briefly today to discuss the final list of the main areas of focus, and this is what we came to. Branden is going to get one final confirmation on it so we'll let you know if there are further adjustments, but barring that here's the list in order:

  • Promotional
  • Fundraising
  • Documentary
  • Narrative
  • Educational

We also mentioned having similar pages for Vocational, Events, and possibly music videos, that would not be included in the main menu, but that will be added later.

I'm going to update the home page and menu structure to reflect that today, so when you get into it tomorrow you'll be good to go.

Nik Sternhagen

Posted by Nik Sternhagen on 12/19/2022 (14:52) Operator

Yessir, here's my zoom link:

Nik Sternhagen

Posted by Matt on 12/19/2022 (14:49) Sub-account
Hi Nik,

Are we still on for 2 pm CT/3 pm ET?

I didn't receive an invite.


Posted by Matt on 12/19/2022 (13:12) Sub-account
Yes, that works. Thanks!
Posted by Nik Sternhagen on 12/19/2022 (10:58) Operator

Hey Matt good morning,

Yes I can do that. Can you do 3pm EST? I'll send zoom info.

Nik Sternhagen

Posted by Matt on 12/18/2022 (15:23) Sub-account
Hi Nic,

Sorry for the delayed response! Would it work for you to meet at some point
on Monday (tomorrow) afternoon?) I could probably give you about 20-30
minutes at some point. Let me know what might work!

I'm driving to my in-laws for Christmas all day on Tuesday, so I won't be
able to put much time into the site copy until Thursday. Could I have until
EOD on Wednesday, December 22 to input my changes? Hopefully that won't
throw the schedule off too much and you could still use the week after
Christmas for final changes.

Let me know if any of the above will work for you.

Thanks so much,

Posted by Nik Sternhagen on 12/15/2022 (14:24) Operator

Hi Matt,

I'm Nik, an Account Manager at Sprout Studios and am working with Nathan on the Spirit Juice project. Nice to meet you! We really can't do much work till we have the copy finalized, so no worries about the delay. Here's what I would propose for next steps here:
1. You and I have a brief meeting to go over what's already there and make sure you have what you need to work. I also want to give the thought process behind each section as we have worked it out with Rob and Branden.
2. You work until EOD on Dec. 21st to make the changes you want to implement. We're also asking the SJ team to submit the rest of their input by that date.
3. We'll then block out the week after Christmas to make all rest of the changes.
Does that work for you? I know you said you work mostly evenings and weekends, but is there a time in the next few days that we could touch base? I'm not opposed to accommodating your schedule to meet briefly outside of hours, it's just less ideal.

Let me know,

Nik Sternhagen

Posted by Matt on 12/15/2022 (09:59) Sub-account
Thanks, Nathan. My role with Spirit Juice is a bit of a side hustle as a
consultant, so I usually do my work in the evenings and on weekends. I
would hate to hold you guys up in finishing the site, so if I stay out
during normal business hours would that suffice? On the other hand, I
should have some time during the workday next week when I am off from my
main job. Is there a preferred time for me to go in and do my work?

If you can get me a login, I can go in and see if I understand how to edit
text without messing things up and then we can meet if necessary. Let me
know what you think and how to proceed.


Posted by Nathan Hadsall on 12/14/2022 (18:07) Operator

Hi Matt,
It's a pleasure to meet you! I'm happy to create a login and answer any questions that might come up. If you're not familiar with Divi, we may want to set a quick time for Nik to walk you through the builder we use.

We will refrain from making any changes to the site while you have access so there aren't any accidents, so once you have an idea of the scope of the work, would you be able to let us know when we should let ourselves back in?

Tomorrow we can get a login for you and you should be good to go!

Nathan Hadsall , CEO & Principal Consultant

Posted by Branden Stanley on 12/14/2022 (16:06) Owner
Hey Matt, I wanted to connect you with Nathan, the CEO of Sprout Studio (the group running our website redesign). Nathan is fine with you updating the copy within the site, he just asks that you don’t change anything related to formatting (Nathan, would you like to clarify?) because their building tools are a bit unique compared to typical Wordpress operations. Can I let the two of you take it from here?
Posted by Nathan Hadsall on 12/14/2022 (14:36) Operator


Nathan Hadsall , CEO & Principal Consultant

Posted by Branden Stanley on 12/14/2022 (10:34) Owner
That sounds great. I’ll be sure he only changes the copy and nothing else. I’m pretty sure that’s all he needed anyway. Let me connect you guys and he can define a time more easily.

Posted by Nathan Hadsall on 12/14/2022 (09:57) Operator

Hi Branden,
I think that's fine, but I took some time to check with the team and give it the due reflection as this isn't something we normally do. It's a totally reasonable request, but as it's outside our usual process there might be unforeseen consequences to timeline and project complexity.

I would caution that experience with WP is not experience with the builder we use. It is deceptively simple. Making adjustments with the wrong settings can get the same final result, but accidentally create hours of extra work.

We would ask that he only make changes to copy and not any other settings or adjust the on page design or typography settings. We will have to do a lot of work to make all the text look good for desktop and mobile. That is a final phase and it's tricky to get right.

Here's what I would propose:
We allow access for whatever time is needed. During this time we won't make any changes.
After he is done, we will restrict access to finish our work.
If needed we can do a couple rounds of this, but I imagine it may not be necessary.
Of course, once the site is live, anyone on your team can have whatever access is needed and we can provide training to bring anyone up to speed as well.

How does that sound? Could we define a timeline for us to lock ourselves out?

Nathan Hadsall , CEO & Principal Consultant

Posted by Branden Stanley on 12/13/2022 (08:33) Owner
Good morning all! Last we talked, we were going to be helping with some of the copy for the new site. Matt, the gentleman who will be doing that, is quite familiar with WordPress… And was wondering if it would be possible for him to actually load the copy into the site directly. This would save him a lot of time around trying to write something that looks good in that area of the site, and would also probably save you guys some time from having to load it all in. Let me know if this is something that we would be able to do. Thanks guys!


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